Class ServerStatusResponse


public class ServerStatusResponse extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • ServerStatusResponse

      public ServerStatusResponse()
  • Method Details

    • getForgeData

      public FMLStatusPing getForgeData()
    • setForgeData

      public void setForgeData(FMLStatusPing data)
    • getDescription

      public ITextComponent getDescription()
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(ITextComponent p_151315_1_)
    • getPlayers

      public ServerStatusResponse.Players getPlayers()
    • setPlayers

      public void setPlayers(ServerStatusResponse.Players p_151319_1_)
    • getVersion

      public ServerStatusResponse.Version getVersion()
    • setVersion

      public void setVersion(ServerStatusResponse.Version p_151321_1_)
    • setFavicon

      public void setFavicon(String p_151320_1_)
    • getFavicon

      public String getFavicon()
    • getJson

      public String getJson()
      Returns this object as a Json string. Converting to JSON if a cached version is not available. Also to prevent potentially large memory allocations on the server this is moved from the SPacketServerInfo writePacket function As this method is called from the network threads so thread safety is important!
    • invalidateJson

      public void invalidateJson()
      Invalidates the cached json, causing the next call to getJson to rebuild it. This is needed externally because PlayerCountData.setPlayer's is public.