Interface IForgeKeybinding

All Known Implementing Classes:
KeyBinding, ToggleableKeyBinding

public interface IForgeKeybinding
  • Method Details

    • getKeyBinding

      default KeyBinding getKeyBinding()
    • getKey

      @Nonnull InputMappings.Input getKey()
    • isActiveAndMatches

      default boolean isActiveAndMatches(InputMappings.Input keyCode)
      Checks that the key conflict context and modifier are active, and that the keyCode matches this binding.
    • setToDefault

      default void setToDefault()
    • setKeyConflictContext

      void setKeyConflictContext(IKeyConflictContext keyConflictContext)
    • getKeyConflictContext

      IKeyConflictContext getKeyConflictContext()
    • getKeyModifierDefault

      KeyModifier getKeyModifierDefault()
    • getKeyModifier

      KeyModifier getKeyModifier()
    • setKeyModifierAndCode

      void setKeyModifierAndCode(KeyModifier keyModifier, InputMappings.Input keyCode)
    • isConflictContextAndModifierActive

      default boolean isConflictContextAndModifierActive()
    • hasKeyCodeModifierConflict

      default boolean hasKeyCodeModifierConflict(KeyBinding other)
      Returns true when one of the bindings' key codes conflicts with the other's modifier.