Interface IForgeTransformationMatrix

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public interface IForgeTransformationMatrix
  • Method Details

    • getTransformaion

      default TransformationMatrix getTransformaion()
    • isIdentity

      default boolean isIdentity()
    • push

      default void push(MatrixStack stack)
    • compose

      default TransformationMatrix compose(TransformationMatrix other)
    • inverse

      default TransformationMatrix inverse()
    • transformPosition

      default void transformPosition(Vector4f position)
    • transformNormal

      default void transformNormal(Vector3f normal)
    • rotateTransform

      default Direction rotateTransform(Direction facing)
    • blockCenterToCorner

      default TransformationMatrix blockCenterToCorner()
      convert transformation from assuming center-block system to opposing-corner-block system
    • blockCornerToCenter

      default TransformationMatrix blockCornerToCenter()
      convert transformation from assuming opposing-corner-block system to center-block system
    • applyOrigin

      default TransformationMatrix applyOrigin(Vector3f origin)
      Apply this transformation to a different origin. Can be used for switching between coordinate systems. Parameter is relative to the current origin.