Interface IModelData

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompositeModel.CompositeModelData, CompositeModel.ModelDataWrapper, EmptyModelData, ModelDataMap, MultipartModelData

public interface IModelData
  • Method Details

    • hasProperty

      boolean hasProperty(ModelProperty<?> prop)
      Check if this data has a property, even if the value is null. Can be used by code that intends to fill in data for a render pipeline, such as the forge animation system.

      IMPORTANT: getData(ModelProperty) can return null even if this method returns true.

      prop - The property to check for inclusion in this model data
      true if this data has the given property, even if no value is present
    • getData

      @Nullable <T> T getData(ModelProperty<T> prop)
    • setData

      @Nullable <T> T setData(ModelProperty<T> prop, T data)