Class DungeonHooks


public class DungeonHooks extends Object
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    • DungeonHooks

      public DungeonHooks()
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    • addDungeonMob

      public static float addDungeonMob(EntityType<?> type, int rarity)
      Adds a mob to the possible list of creatures the spawner will create. If the mob is already in the spawn list, the rarity will be added to the existing one, causing the mob to be more common.
      type - Monster type
      rarity - The rarity of selecting this mob over others. Must be greater then 0. Vanilla Minecraft has the following mobs: Spider 100 Skeleton 100 Zombie 200 Meaning, Zombies are twice as common as spiders or skeletons.
      The new rarity of the monster,
    • removeDungeonMob

      public static int removeDungeonMob(EntityType<?> name)
      Will completely remove a Mob from the dungeon spawn list.
      name - The name of the mob to remove
      The rarity of the removed mob, prior to being removed.
    • getRandomDungeonMob

      public static EntityType<?> getRandomDungeonMob(Random rand)
      Gets a random mob name from the list.
      rand - World generation random number generator
      The mob name