Interface IForgeEntityMinecart

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractMinecartEntity, ChestMinecartEntity, CommandBlockMinecartEntity, ContainerMinecartEntity, FurnaceMinecartEntity, HopperMinecartEntity, MinecartEntity, SpawnerMinecartEntity, TNTMinecartEntity

public interface IForgeEntityMinecart
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getMinecart

      default AbstractMinecartEntity getMinecart()
    • getCollisionHandler

      default IMinecartCollisionHandler getCollisionHandler()
      Gets the current global Minecart Collision handler if none is registered, returns null TODO: remove 1.17
      The collision handler or null
    • getCurrentRailPosition

      default BlockPos getCurrentRailPosition()
      Internal, returns the current spot to look for the attached rail.
    • getMaxSpeedWithRail

      double getMaxSpeedWithRail()
    • moveMinecartOnRail

      void moveMinecartOnRail(BlockPos pos)
      Moved to allow overrides. This code handles minecart movement and speed capping when on a rail.
    • getCartItem

      default ItemStack getCartItem()
      This function returns an ItemStack that represents this cart. This should be an ItemStack that can be used by the player to place the cart, but is not necessary the item the cart drops when destroyed.
      An ItemStack that can be used to place the cart.
    • canUseRail

      boolean canUseRail()
      Returns true if this cart can currently use rails. This function is mainly used to gracefully detach a minecart from a rail.
      True if the minecart can use rails.
    • setCanUseRail

      void setCanUseRail(boolean use)
      Set whether the minecart can use rails. This function is mainly used to gracefully detach a minecart from a rail.
      use - Whether the minecart can currently use rails.
    • shouldDoRailFunctions

      default boolean shouldDoRailFunctions()
      Return false if this cart should not call onMinecartPass() and should ignore Powered Rails.
      True if this cart should call onMinecartPass().
    • isPoweredCart

      default boolean isPoweredCart()
      Returns true if this cart is self propelled.
      True if powered.
    • canBeRidden

      default boolean canBeRidden()
      Returns true if this cart can be ridden by an Entity.
      True if this cart can be ridden.
    • getMaxCartSpeedOnRail

      default float getMaxCartSpeedOnRail()
      Returns the carts max speed when traveling on rails. Carts going faster than 1.1 cause issues with chunk loading. Carts cant traverse slopes or corners at greater than 0.5 - 0.6. This value is compared with the rails max speed and the carts current speed cap to determine the carts current max speed. A normal rail's max speed is 0.4.
      Carts max speed.
    • getCurrentCartSpeedCapOnRail

      float getCurrentCartSpeedCapOnRail()
      Returns the current speed cap for the cart when traveling on rails. This functions differs from getMaxCartSpeedOnRail() in that it controls current movement and cannot be overridden. The value however can never be higher than getMaxCartSpeedOnRail().
    • setCurrentCartSpeedCapOnRail

      void setCurrentCartSpeedCapOnRail(float value)
    • getMaxSpeedAirLateral

      float getMaxSpeedAirLateral()
    • setMaxSpeedAirLateral

      void setMaxSpeedAirLateral(float value)
    • getMaxSpeedAirVertical

      float getMaxSpeedAirVertical()
    • setMaxSpeedAirVertical

      void setMaxSpeedAirVertical(float value)
    • getDragAir

      double getDragAir()
    • setDragAir

      void setDragAir(double value)
    • getSlopeAdjustment

      default double getSlopeAdjustment()
    • getComparatorLevel

      default int getComparatorLevel()
      Called from Detector Rails to retrieve a redstone power level for comparators.