Interface IForgeFluidState

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public interface IForgeFluidState
  • Method Details

    • getFluidState

      default FluidState getFluidState()
    • isEntityInside

      default boolean isEntityInside(IWorldReader world, BlockPos pos, Entity entity, double yToTest, Tag<Fluid> tag, boolean testingHead)
      Called when the entity is inside this block, may be used to determined if the entity can breathing, display material overlays, or if the entity can swim inside a block.
      world - that is being tested.
      pos - position thats being tested.
      entity - that is being tested.
      yToTest - , primarily for testingHead, which sends the the eye level of the entity, other wise it sends a y that can be tested vs liquid height.
      tag - to test for.
      testingHead - when true, its testing the entities head for vision, breathing ect... otherwise its testing the body, for swimming and movement adjustment.
    • getExplosionResistance

      default float getExplosionResistance(IBlockReader world, BlockPos pos, Explosion explosion)
      Location sensitive version of getExplosionResistance
      world - The current world
      pos - Block position in world
      explosion - The explosion
      The amount of the explosion absorbed.