Interface IForgeWorld

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ClientWorld, ServerWorld, World

public interface IForgeWorld extends ICapabilityProvider
  • Method Details

    • getMaxEntityRadius

      double getMaxEntityRadius()
      The maximum radius to scan for entities when trying to check bounding boxes. Vanilla's default is 2.0D But mods that add larger entities may increase this.
    • increaseMaxEntityRadius

      double increaseMaxEntityRadius(double value)
      Increases the max entity radius, this is safe to call with any value. The setter will verify the input value is larger then the current setting.
      value - New max radius to set.
      The new max radius
    • getPartEntities

      default Collection<PartEntity<?>> getPartEntities()
      All part entities in this world. Used when collecting entities in an AABB to fix parts being ignored whose parent entity is in a chunk that does not intersect with the AABB.