Class CustomSignsTest.CustomStandingSignBlock

All Implemented Interfaces:
IBucketPickupHandler, ILiquidContainer, ITileEntityProvider, IWaterLoggable, IItemProvider, IForgeBlock, IForgeRegistryEntry<Block>
Enclosing class:

public static class CustomSignsTest.CustomStandingSignBlock extends StandingSignBlock
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    • hasTileEntity

      public boolean hasTileEntity(BlockState stateIn)
      Description copied from interface: IForgeBlock
      Called throughout the code as a replacement for block instanceof BlockContainer Moving this to the Block base class allows for mods that wish to extend vanilla blocks, and also want to have a tile entity on that block, may. Return true from this function to specify this block has a tile entity.
      stateIn - State of the current block
      True if block has a tile entity, false otherwise
    • newBlockEntity

      public TileEntity newBlockEntity(IBlockReader worldIn)
      Specified by:
      newBlockEntity in interface ITileEntityProvider
      newBlockEntity in class AbstractSignBlock