Class DimensionSettingsTest


public class DimensionSettingsTest extends Object
To see the effects of this test mod you must create a new world then teleport to the custom dimension (use: /execute in dimension_settings_test:test_overworld run tp @s ...). You should observe that the only structure that generates in the dimension is the ruined portal and it should do so very frequently. Note: This mod adds a data asset located at: /data/dimension_settings_test/dimension/test_overworld.json
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  • Constructor Details

    • DimensionSettingsTest

      public DimensionSettingsTest()
  • Method Details

    • registerSettings

      private void registerSettings(FMLCommonSetupEvent event)
      Demonstrates how a mod can register custom DimensionSettings which can be referenced from within a datapack dimension config whilst being discoverable for other mods to add to and remove structures etc from.
    • addStructure

      private void addStructure(FMLLoadCompleteEvent event)
      Demonstrates how a mod could handle adding their structure settings to a specific dimension.
    • createDimensionSettings

      private static DimensionSettings createDimensionSettings()
      Create a DimensionSettings instance copying all but the structure settings from overworld.