Class AnvilUpdateEvent


public class AnvilUpdateEvent extends net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.Event
AnvilUpdateEvent is fired when the inputs (either input stack, or the name) to an anvil are changed.
It is called from RepairContainer#updateRepairOutput.
If the event is canceled, vanilla behavior will not run, and the output will be set to ItemStack.EMPTY.
If the event is not canceled, but the output is not empty, it will set the output and not run vanilla behavior.
if the output is empty, and the event is not canceled, vanilla behavior will execute.
  • Field Details

    • left

      private final ItemStack left
    • name

      private final String name
    • output

      private ItemStack output
    • cost

      private int cost
    • materialCost

      private int materialCost
    • player

      @Nullable private final PlayerEntity player
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getLeft

      public ItemStack getLeft()
      The item in the left input (leftmost) anvil slot.
    • getRight

      public ItemStack getRight()
      The item in the right input (center) anvil slot.
    • getName

      @Nullable public String getName()
      This is the name as sent by the client. It may be null if none has been sent.
      If empty, it indicates the user wishes to clear the custom name from the item.
      The name that the output item will be set to, if applicable.
    • getOutput

      public ItemStack getOutput()
      This is the output as determined by the event, not by the vanilla behavior between these two items.
      If you are the first receiver of this event, it is guaranteed to be empty.
      It will only be non-empty if changed by an event handler.
      If this event is cancelled, this output stack is discarded.
      The item to set in the output (rightmost) anvil slot.
    • setOutput

      public void setOutput(ItemStack output)
      Sets the output slot to a specific itemstack.
      output - The stack to change the output to.
    • getCost

      public int getCost()
      This is the level cost of this anvil operation.
      When unchanged, it is guaranteed to be left.getRepairCost() + right.getRepairCost().
      The level cost of this anvil operation.
    • setCost

      public void setCost(int cost)
      Changes the level cost of this operation.
      The level cost does prevent the output from being available.
      That is, a player without enough experience may not take the output.
      cost - The new level cost.
    • getMaterialCost

      public int getMaterialCost()
      The material cost is how many units of the right input stack are consumed.
      The material cost of this anvil operation.
    • setMaterialCost

      public void setMaterialCost(int materialCost)
      Sets how many right inputs are consumed.
      A material cost of zero consumes the entire stack.
      A material cost higher than the count of the right stack consumes the entire stack.
      The material cost does not prevent the output from being available.
      materialCost - The new material cost.
    • getPlayer

      @Nullable public PlayerEntity getPlayer()
      Nullable in the case someone is using the deprecated constructor.
      The player using this anvil container.