Class LivingKnockBackEvent


public class LivingKnockBackEvent extends LivingEvent
LivingKnockBackEvent is fired when a living entity is about to be knocked back.
This event is fired whenever an Entity is knocked back in EntityLivingBase#attackEntityFrom(DamageSource, float), EntityLivingBase#blockWithShield(EntityLivingBase), EntityMob#attackEntityAsMob(Entity) and EntityPlayer#attackTargetEntityWithCurrentItem(Entity)

This event is fired via ForgeHooks#onLivingKnockBack(EntityLivingBase, Entity, float, double, double).

#attacker contains the Entity that caused the knock back.
strength contains the strength of the knock back.
ratioX contains the x ratio of the knock back.
ratioZ contains the z ratio of the knock back.

This event is Cancelable.
If this event is canceled, the entity is not knocked back.

This event does not have a result. Event.HasResult

This event is fired on the MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.
  • Field Details

    • strength

      protected float strength
    • ratioX

      protected double ratioX
    • ratioZ

      protected double ratioZ
    • originalStrength

      protected final float originalStrength
    • originalRatioX

      protected final double originalRatioX
    • originalRatioZ

      protected final double originalRatioZ
  • Constructor Details

    • LivingKnockBackEvent

      public LivingKnockBackEvent(LivingEntity target, float strength, double ratioX, double ratioZ)
  • Method Details

    • getStrength

      public float getStrength()
    • getRatioX

      public double getRatioX()
    • getRatioZ

      public double getRatioZ()
    • getOriginalStrength

      public float getOriginalStrength()
    • getOriginalRatioX

      public double getOriginalRatioX()
    • getOriginalRatioZ

      public double getOriginalRatioZ()
    • setStrength

      public void setStrength(float strength)
    • setRatioX

      public void setRatioX(double ratioX)
    • setRatioZ

      public void setRatioZ(double ratioZ)