Class BiomeLoadingEvent


public class BiomeLoadingEvent extends net.minecraftforge.eventbus.api.Event
This event fires when a Biome is created from json or when a registered biome is re-created for worldgen. It allows mods to edit a biome (like add a mob spawn) before it gets used for worldgen. In order to maintain the most compatibility possible with other mods' modifications to a biome, the event should be assigned a EventPriority as follows: - Additions to any list/map contained in a biome : EventPriority.HIGH - Removals to any list/map contained in a biome : EventPriority.NORMAL - Any other modification : EventPriority.LOW Be aware that another mod could have done an operation beforehand, so an expected value out of a vanilla biome might not always be the same, depending on other mods.