Class Particle

Direct Known Subclasses:
ItemPickupParticle, MetaParticle, MobAppearanceParticle, TexturedParticle

public abstract class Particle extends Object
  • Field Details


      private static final AxisAlignedBB INITIAL_AABB
    • level

      protected final ClientWorld level
    • xo

      protected double xo
    • yo

      protected double yo
    • zo

      protected double zo
    • x

      protected double x
    • y

      protected double y
    • z

      protected double z
    • xd

      protected double xd
    • yd

      protected double yd
    • zd

      protected double zd
    • bb

      private AxisAlignedBB bb
    • onGround

      protected boolean onGround
    • hasPhysics

      protected boolean hasPhysics
    • stoppedByCollision

      private boolean stoppedByCollision
    • removed

      protected boolean removed
    • bbWidth

      protected float bbWidth
    • bbHeight

      protected float bbHeight
    • random

      protected final Random random
    • age

      protected int age
    • lifetime

      protected int lifetime
    • gravity

      protected float gravity
    • rCol

      protected float rCol
    • gCol

      protected float gCol
    • bCol

      protected float bCol
    • alpha

      protected float alpha
    • roll

      protected float roll
    • oRoll

      protected float oRoll
  • Constructor Details

    • Particle

      protected Particle(ClientWorld p_i232411_1_, double p_i232411_2_, double p_i232411_4_, double p_i232411_6_)
    • Particle

      public Particle(ClientWorld p_i232412_1_, double p_i232412_2_, double p_i232412_4_, double p_i232412_6_, double p_i232412_8_, double p_i232412_10_, double p_i232412_12_)
  • Method Details

    • setPower

      public Particle setPower(float p_70543_1_)
    • scale

      public Particle scale(float p_70541_1_)
    • setColor

      public void setColor(float p_70538_1_, float p_70538_2_, float p_70538_3_)
    • setAlpha

      protected void setAlpha(float p_82338_1_)
    • setLifetime

      public void setLifetime(int p_187114_1_)
    • getLifetime

      public int getLifetime()
    • tick

      public void tick()
    • render

      public abstract void render(IVertexBuilder p_225606_1_, ActiveRenderInfo p_225606_2_, float p_225606_3_)
    • getRenderType

      public abstract IParticleRenderType getRenderType()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • remove

      public void remove()
    • setSize

      protected void setSize(float p_187115_1_, float p_187115_2_)
    • setPos

      public void setPos(double p_187109_1_, double p_187109_3_, double p_187109_5_)
    • move

      public void move(double p_187110_1_, double p_187110_3_, double p_187110_5_)
    • setLocationFromBoundingbox

      protected void setLocationFromBoundingbox()
    • getLightColor

      protected int getLightColor(float p_189214_1_)
    • isAlive

      public boolean isAlive()
    • getBoundingBox

      public AxisAlignedBB getBoundingBox()
    • setBoundingBox

      public void setBoundingBox(AxisAlignedBB p_187108_1_)
    • shouldCull

      public boolean shouldCull()
      Forge added method that controls if a particle should be culled to it's bounding box. Default behaviour is culling enabled