Class BipedArmorLayer<T extends LivingEntity,M extends BipedModel<T>,A extends BipedModel<T>>


public class BipedArmorLayer<T extends LivingEntity,M extends BipedModel<T>,A extends BipedModel<T>> extends LayerRenderer<T,M>
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  • Constructor Details

    • BipedArmorLayer

      public BipedArmorLayer(IEntityRenderer<T,M> p_i50936_1_, A p_i50936_2_, A p_i50936_3_)
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    • render

      public void render(MatrixStack p_225628_1_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_225628_2_, int p_225628_3_, T p_225628_4_, float p_225628_5_, float p_225628_6_, float p_225628_7_, float p_225628_8_, float p_225628_9_, float p_225628_10_)
      Specified by:
      render in class LayerRenderer<T extends LivingEntity,M extends BipedModel<T>>
    • renderArmorPiece

      private void renderArmorPiece(MatrixStack p_241739_1_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_241739_2_, T p_241739_3_, EquipmentSlotType p_241739_4_, int p_241739_5_, A p_241739_6_)
    • setPartVisibility

      protected void setPartVisibility(A p_188359_1_, EquipmentSlotType p_188359_2_)
    • renderModel

      private void renderModel(MatrixStack p_241738_1_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_241738_2_, int p_241738_3_, ArmorItem p_241738_4_, boolean p_241738_5_, A p_241738_6_, boolean p_241738_7_, float p_241738_8_, float p_241738_9_, float p_241738_10_, @Nullable String p_241738_11_)
    • renderModel

      private void renderModel(MatrixStack p_241738_1_, IRenderTypeBuffer p_241738_2_, int p_241738_3_, boolean p_241738_5_, A p_241738_6_, float p_241738_8_, float p_241738_9_, float p_241738_10_, ResourceLocation armorResource)
    • getArmorModel

      private A getArmorModel(EquipmentSlotType p_241736_1_)
    • usesInnerModel

      private boolean usesInnerModel(EquipmentSlotType p_188363_1_)
    • getArmorLocation

      @Deprecated private ResourceLocation getArmorLocation(ArmorItem p_241737_1_, boolean p_241737_2_, @Nullable String p_241737_3_)
    • getArmorModelHook

      protected A getArmorModelHook(T entity, ItemStack itemStack, EquipmentSlotType slot, A model)
      Hook to allow item-sensitive armor model. for LayerBipedArmor.
    • getArmorResource

      public ResourceLocation getArmorResource(Entity entity, ItemStack stack, EquipmentSlotType slot, @Nullable String type)
      More generic ForgeHook version of the above function, it allows for Items to have more control over what texture they provide.
      entity - Entity wearing the armor
      stack - ItemStack for the armor
      slot - Slot ID that the item is in
      type - Subtype, can be null or "overlay"
      ResourceLocation pointing at the armor's texture