Class SectionPos

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SectionPos extends Vector3i
  • Constructor Details

    • SectionPos

      private SectionPos(int p_i50794_1_, int p_i50794_2_, int p_i50794_3_)
  • Method Details

    • of

      public static SectionPos of(int p_218154_0_, int p_218154_1_, int p_218154_2_)
    • of

      public static SectionPos of(BlockPos p_218167_0_)
    • of

      public static SectionPos of(ChunkPos p_218156_0_, int p_218156_1_)
    • of

      public static SectionPos of(Entity p_218157_0_)
    • of

      public static SectionPos of(long p_218170_0_)
    • offset

      public static long offset(long p_218172_0_, Direction p_218172_2_)
    • offset

      public static long offset(long p_218174_0_, int p_218174_2_, int p_218174_3_, int p_218174_4_)
    • blockToSectionCoord

      public static int blockToSectionCoord(int p_218159_0_)
    • sectionRelative

      public static int sectionRelative(int p_218171_0_)
    • sectionRelativePos

      public static short sectionRelativePos(BlockPos p_218150_0_)
    • sectionRelativeX

      public static int sectionRelativeX(short p_243641_0_)
    • sectionRelativeY

      public static int sectionRelativeY(short p_243642_0_)
    • sectionRelativeZ

      public static int sectionRelativeZ(short p_243643_0_)
    • relativeToBlockX

      public int relativeToBlockX(short p_243644_1_)
    • relativeToBlockY

      public int relativeToBlockY(short p_243645_1_)
    • relativeToBlockZ

      public int relativeToBlockZ(short p_243646_1_)
    • relativeToBlockPos

      public BlockPos relativeToBlockPos(short p_243647_1_)
    • sectionToBlockCoord

      public static int sectionToBlockCoord(int p_218142_0_)
    • x

      public static int x(long p_218173_0_)
    • y

      public static int y(long p_218144_0_)
    • z

      public static int z(long p_218153_0_)
    • x

      public int x()
    • y

      public int y()
    • z

      public int z()
    • minBlockX

      public int minBlockX()
    • minBlockY

      public int minBlockY()
    • minBlockZ

      public int minBlockZ()
    • maxBlockX

      public int maxBlockX()
    • maxBlockY

      public int maxBlockY()
    • maxBlockZ

      public int maxBlockZ()
    • blockToSection

      public static long blockToSection(long p_218162_0_)
    • getZeroNode

      public static long getZeroNode(long p_218169_0_)
    • origin

      public BlockPos origin()
    • center

      public BlockPos center()
    • chunk

      public ChunkPos chunk()
    • asLong

      public static long asLong(int p_218166_0_, int p_218166_1_, int p_218166_2_)
    • asLong

      public long asLong()
    • blocksInside

      public Stream<BlockPos> blocksInside()
    • cube

      public static Stream<SectionPos> cube(SectionPos p_218158_0_, int p_218158_1_)
    • aroundChunk

      public static Stream<SectionPos> aroundChunk(ChunkPos p_229421_0_, int p_229421_1_)
    • betweenClosedStream

      public static Stream<SectionPos> betweenClosedStream(int p_218168_0_, int p_218168_1_, int p_218168_2_, int p_218168_3_, int p_218168_4_, int p_218168_5_)