Class BakedQuadBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BakedQuadBuilder extends Object implements IVertexConsumer
Allows easier building of BakedQuad objects. During building, data is stored unpacked as floats, but is packed into the typical int array format on build.
  • Field Details

    • SIZE

      private static final int SIZE
    • unpackedData

      private final float[][][] unpackedData
    • tint

      private int tint
    • orientation

      private Direction orientation
    • texture

      private TextureAtlasSprite texture
    • applyDiffuseLighting

      private boolean applyDiffuseLighting
    • vertices

      private int vertices
    • elements

      private int elements
    • full

      private boolean full
    • contractUVs

      private boolean contractUVs
    • eps

      private final float eps
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  • Constructor Details

    • BakedQuadBuilder

      public BakedQuadBuilder()
    • BakedQuadBuilder

      public BakedQuadBuilder(TextureAtlasSprite texture)
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