Interface IVertexConsumer

All Known Implementing Classes:
BakedQuadBuilder, LightUtil.ItemConsumer, QuadGatheringTransformer, TransformerConsumer, TRSRTransformer, VertexBufferConsumer, VertexLighterFlat, VertexLighterSmoothAo, VertexTransformer

public interface IVertexConsumer
Assumes that the data length is not less than e.getElements().size(). Also assumes that element index passed will increment from 0 to format.getElements().size() - 1. Normal, Color and UV are assumed to be in 0-1 range.
  • Method Details

    • getVertexFormat

      VertexFormat getVertexFormat()
      the format that should be used for passed data.
    • setQuadTint

      void setQuadTint(int tint)
    • setQuadOrientation

      void setQuadOrientation(Direction orientation)
    • setApplyDiffuseLighting

      void setApplyDiffuseLighting(boolean diffuse)
    • setTexture

      void setTexture(TextureAtlasSprite texture)
    • put

      void put(int element, float... data)