Class ProjectileImpactEvent

Direct Known Subclasses:
ProjectileImpactEvent.Arrow, ProjectileImpactEvent.Fireball, ProjectileImpactEvent.FireworkRocket, ProjectileImpactEvent.FishingBobber, ProjectileImpactEvent.Throwable

public class ProjectileImpactEvent extends EntityEvent
This event is fired when a projectile entity impacts something. This event is fired via ForgeEventFactory.onProjectileImpact(Entity, RayTraceResult) Subclasses of this event exist for more specific types of projectile. This event is fired for all vanilla projectiles by Forge, custom projectiles should fire this event and check the result in a similar fashion. This event is cancelable. When canceled, the impact will not be processed. Killing or other handling of the entity after event cancellation is up to the modder. This event is fired on the MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.
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