Class FluidActionResult


public class FluidActionResult extends Object
Holds the result of a fluid action from FluidUtil. Failed actions will always have isSuccess() == false and an empty ItemStack result. See FAILURE. Successful actions will always have isSuccess() == true. Successful actions may have an empty ItemStack result in some cases, for example the action succeeded and the resulting item was consumed.
  • Field Details


      public static final FluidActionResult FAILURE
    • success

      public final boolean success
    • result

      @Nonnull public final ItemStack result
  • Constructor Details

    • FluidActionResult

      public FluidActionResult(@Nonnull ItemStack result)
    • FluidActionResult

      private FluidActionResult(boolean success, @Nonnull ItemStack result)
  • Method Details

    • isSuccess

      public boolean isSuccess()
    • getResult

      @Nonnull public ItemStack getResult()