Class ExtensionPoint<T>


public class ExtensionPoint<T> extends Object
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      public static final ExtensionPoint<BiFunction<Minecraft,Screen,Screen>> CONFIGGUIFACTORY


      public static final ExtensionPoint<org.apache.commons.lang3.tuple.Pair<Supplier<String>,BiPredicate<String,Boolean>>> DISPLAYTEST
      Compatibility display test for the mod. Used for displaying compatibility with remote servers with the same mod, and on disk saves. The supplier provides my "local" version for sending across the network or writing to disk The predicate tests the version from a remote instance or save for acceptability (Boolean is true for network, false for local save) and returns true if the version is compatible.

      Return FMLNetworkConstants.IGNORESERVERONLY in the supplier, if you wish to be ignored as a server side only mod.

      Return true in the predicate for all values of the input string (when network boolean is true) if you are client side, and don't care about matching any potential server version.

      Examples: A server only mod

           registerExtensionPoint(DISPLAYTEST, ()->Pair.of(
            ()->FMLNetworkConstants.IGNORESERVERONLY, // ignore me, I'm a server only mod
            (s,b)->true // i accept anything from the server or the save, if I'm asked

      Examples: A client only mod

           registerExtensionPoint(DISPLAYTEST, ()->Pair.of(
            ()->"anything. i don't care", // if i'm actually on the server, this string is sent but i'm a client only mod, so it won't be
            (remoteversionstring,networkbool)->networkbool // i accept anything from the server, by returning true if it's asking about the server

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      private Class<T> type
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      private ExtensionPoint()