Class FillBucketEvent

public class FillBucketEvent extends PlayerEvent
This event is fired when a player attempts to use a Empty bucket, it can be canceled to completely prevent any further processing. If you set the result to 'ALLOW', it means that you have processed the event and wants the basic functionality of adding the new ItemStack to your inventory and reducing the stack size to process. setResult(ALLOW) is the same as the old setHandled();
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    • getEmptyBucket

      @Nonnull public ItemStack getEmptyBucket()
    • getWorld

      public World getWorld()
    • getTarget

      @Nullable public RayTraceResult getTarget()
    • getFilledBucket

      @Nonnull public ItemStack getFilledBucket()
    • setFilledBucket

      public void setFilledBucket(@Nonnull ItemStack bucket)