Class PlayerWakeUpEvent

public class PlayerWakeUpEvent extends PlayerEvent
This event is fired when the player is waking up.
This is merely for purposes of listening for this to happen.
There is nothing that can be manipulated with this event.
  • Field Details

    • wakeImmediately

      private final boolean wakeImmediately
    • updateWorld

      private final boolean updateWorld
  • Constructor Details

    • PlayerWakeUpEvent

      public PlayerWakeUpEvent(PlayerEntity player, boolean wakeImmediately, boolean updateWorld)
  • Method Details

    • wakeImmediately

      public boolean wakeImmediately()
      Used for the 'wake up animation'. This is false if the player is considered 'sleepy' and the overlay should slowly fade away.
    • updateWorld

      public boolean updateWorld()
      Indicates if the server should be notified of sleeping changes. This will only be false if the server is considered 'up to date' already, because, for example, it initiated the call.