Class FMLPlayMessages.SpawnEntity

Enclosing class:

public static class FMLPlayMessages.SpawnEntity extends Object
Used to spawn a custom entity without the same restrictions as SSpawnObjectPacket or SSpawnMobPacket To customize how your entity is created clientside (instead of using the default factory provided to the EntityType) see EntityType.Builder.setCustomClientFactory(java.util.function.BiFunction<,, T>).
  • Field Details

    • entity

      private final Entity entity
    • typeId

      private final int typeId
    • entityId

      private final int entityId
    • uuid

      private final UUID uuid
    • posX

      private final double posX
    • posY

      private final double posY
    • posZ

      private final double posZ
    • pitch

      private final byte pitch
    • yaw

      private final byte yaw
    • headYaw

      private final byte headYaw
    • velX

      private final int velX
    • velY

      private final int velY
    • velZ

      private final int velZ
    • buf

      private final PacketBuffer buf
  • Constructor Details

    • SpawnEntity

      SpawnEntity(Entity e)
    • SpawnEntity

      private SpawnEntity(int typeId, int entityId, UUID uuid, double posX, double posY, double posZ, byte pitch, byte yaw, byte headYaw, int velX, int velY, int velZ, PacketBuffer buf)
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