Interface IItemHandlerModifiable

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CombinedInvWrapper, EmptyHandler, EntityArmorInvWrapper, EntityEquipmentInvWrapper, EntityHandsInvWrapper, InvWrapper, ItemStackHandler, PlayerArmorInvWrapper, PlayerInvWrapper, PlayerMainInvWrapper, PlayerOffhandInvWrapper, RangedWrapper, SidedInvWrapper, VanillaHopperItemHandler

public interface IItemHandlerModifiable extends IItemHandler
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    • setStackInSlot

      void setStackInSlot(int slot, @Nonnull ItemStack stack)
      Overrides the stack in the given slot. This method is used by the standard Forge helper methods and classes. It is not intended for general use by other mods, and the handler may throw an error if it is called unexpectedly.
      slot - Slot to modify
      stack - ItemStack to set slot to (may be empty).
      RuntimeException - if the handler is called in a way that the handler was not expecting.