Class ItemFishedEvent

public class ItemFishedEvent extends PlayerEvent
This event is called when a player fishes an item. This event is Cancelable Canceling the event will cause the player to receive no items at all. The hook will still take the damage specified
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    • getRodDamage

      public int getRodDamage()
      Get the damage the rod will take.
      The damage the rod will take
    • damageRodBy

      public void damageRodBy(@Nonnegative int rodDamage)
      Specifies the amount of damage that the fishing rod should take. This is not added to the pre-existing damage to be taken.
      rodDamage - The damage the rod will take. Must be nonnegative
    • getDrops

      public NonNullList<ItemStack> getDrops()
      Use this to get the items the player will receive. You cannot use this to modify the drops the player will get. If you want to affect the loot, you should use LootTables.
    • getHookEntity

      public FishingBobberEntity getHookEntity()
      Use this to stuff related to the hook itself, like the position of the bobber.