Class PlayerInteractEvent.EntityInteractSpecific

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public static class PlayerInteractEvent.EntityInteractSpecific extends PlayerInteractEvent
This event is fired on both sides whenever a player right clicks an entity. "Interact at" is an interact where the local vector (which part of the entity you clicked) is known. The state of this event affects whether Entity#applyPlayerInteraction is called. Let result be the return value of Entity#applyPlayerInteraction, or PlayerInteractEvent.cancellationResult if the event is cancelled. If we are on the client and result is not EnumActionResult#SUCCESS, the client will then try PlayerInteractEvent.EntityInteract.
  • Field Details

    • localPos

      private final Vector3d localPos
    • target

      private final Entity target
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    • getLocalPos

      public Vector3d getLocalPos()
      Returns the local interaction position. This is a 3D vector, where (0, 0, 0) is centered exactly at the center of the entity's bounding box at their feet. This means the X and Z values will be in the range [-width / 2, width / 2] while Y values will be in the range [0, height]
      The local position
    • getTarget

      public Entity getTarget()